4 Best Anime Like Kakegurui To Watch in 2021

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anime like Kakegurui
anime like Kakegurui

Many people ask “give us recommendations for anime like Kakegurui” which is about gambling. Okay, calm down everybody. This article is presented for you who want an anime about gambling or betting. 

Before we start, Kakegurui is a Manga Series illustrated by Toru Naomura and written by Homura Kawamoto and began serialization into Square Enix’s Gangan Joker from 2014.

After that the series received an anime adaptation produced by Studio MAPPA and began airing on July 1 2017. This series became one of the most favorite anime in the Summer 2017 season.

Now, let’s take a look at a list of anime qq online gambling.

Best Anime Like Kakegurui

1. Death Parade

After someone dies, they are not placed in heaven or hell. But they will be taken to a place in a bar, where the bar can determine that they will be reincarnated or will be forgotten. The bar is called Quindecim.

Those who enter the Quindecim are asked to play a game that can risk their lives. Darts, Bowling and so on,

The game does look like an ordinary game, but in fact the game is very deadly. For example Darts, if you look at the wall of darts it looks like in general, but it has been known that the wall of darts is actually connected to a person’s heart and if it hits it it will feel like a heart stabbed by a needle.

Each game played will reveal the true nature of a person, and is also a determination that they will be reincarnated or forgotten. There was a silver-haired man with a straight face, it was Decim.

Decim is a bartender who serves dead people who appear at Quindecim bars and people who decide to reincarnate or forget someone who has died.

2. Rio (Rainbow Gate)

On an island there is a place called Howard Resort Hotel, which is a destination for entertainment for people all over the world to achieve great wealth.

In the Casino there is a beautiful female dealer named Rio Rollins. She is a dealer who is popular because of her luck in gambling and is nicknamed the “Goddess of Victory”.  Rio has a goal to get closer to his mother who is the best Dealer in history.

Rio fights to get the legendary card named “Gate”. Anyone can collect all 13 cards gate, then he would be labeled as “Most Valuable Casino Dealer” or abbreviated MVCD ( in English means the “Most Valuable Casino Dealer”) .

To be able to collect these legendary cards, Rio took part in a battle called “Gate Battle” with Gate card holders or called “Gate Holders” to get the MVCD title.

3. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji

Kaiji Itou, a man who is nothing more than a tramp who spends all day drinking beer, vandalizing public facilities and stealing hubcaps.

Kaiji considers himself a very useless person in the world, one time someone in a suit approached him. He was a loan shark who asked Kaiji to pay off a debt of 3 million yen .

Feeling that he has never been in debt, it turns out that Kaiji realizes that he has been deceived by his former co-workers. Due to Kaiji’s inability to pay off the debt,

Moreover, he is offered to participate in illegal gambling on a cruise ship.

4. Akagi

Mahjong is a game that is usually played by family or friends. However, Mahjong can also be used as a game from a dark perspective by the public. Nangou is a compulsive gambler who has debts of up to 3 million yen.

To get rid of his debts, he is willing to risk his life to the mafia in a game of mahjong. However, instead of getting a prize, it is death that will come to him.

 When Nangou’s hopes are almost lost, the Mahjong Game Center is disturbed by the presence of a boy named Shigeru Akagi. He entered the place with the excuse of running away from the police.Then, those are four of anime like Kakegurui. They can also entertain you like you watch some people gambling.

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