10 Moving Day Tips For A Smooth Move

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If you’re like most people, you can’t wait to get into your new home and start living the life. Whether you bought a new or existing home, moving into a new house is one of the most exciting events in most people’s lives. it is also one of the most stressful. No matter how prepared you are, moving day can turn into a chaotic mess if you’re not careful. There are ways to make moving day less stressful. Follow these 10 tips for a smooth move.

Pack Your Bags

Pack overnight bags for yourself and each member of the family. Include a change of clothes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, medications, and snacks. If you have children, include a favorite toy or book. If you have pets, pack a bag with food, bowls, and bedding.

Clear Tote Essentials

Pack other essentials, such as toilet paper, tissues, soap, shampoo, paper towels, and wipes in a clear tote. Include eating utensils, box cutters, trash bags, a small cooking pan, and any other essentials you need to get you through the first night. Your clear tote is also a great place to keep phone chargers and other small electronics nearby and grant you easy access. On moving day, pack the tote in your car so you know where it is.

At the Ready

It doesn’t matter if you hire movers or move, have everything packed and ready on moving day. Don’t expect friends or movers to help you pack, too.

Children, Pets, and Moving Day Don’t Mix

Unless your children are old enough to carry boxes, see if you can find a friend or relative to take care of them on moving day. Pets should be contained in a room away from the activity to avoid stress and make sure they don’t run out the open doors.

Moving Equipment

If you rent a truck, pick it up the day before the move so you can start filling it up first thing in the morning. Rent one or more dollies to save your back and the backs of your friends.

Remember the Water

Have plenty of drinking water on hand for yourself and helpers. It doesn’t matter if your move is in the dead of winter, carrying boxes is hard work and everyone has to stay hydrated.

Cash on Hand

Make sure you have enough cash to get through the day. If you hire movers, you’ll need tip money. If friends help, you’ll have to feed them. There may also be tolls to pay along the moving route.

Take Breaks

Resist the urge to keep going until everything is done. Taking short breaks keeps you from getting overly tired and gives you a chance to regain your energy before going on.

Move Today, Connect Tomorrow

Keep it simple on moving day. Don’t schedule cable and Internet installation on the same day you move. You can get by without them for one night.

Inspection Central

If you hired movers, check your expensive items, including electronic equipment and furniture, for damage and deal with those issues before you sign the release form and send them on their way. Recovering damages after you sign the release is unlikely.

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