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Hello There!

Look around you, the world is like a movie. Everyone has a role and seems to have their own goals. But is there really anything that needs to be accomplished? Aren’t there really important things other than having fun and waiting to die.

We saw all of that, actually including you. But we decided to write it in story form. And Sofilm is where we do it.

I love coffee and writing.

If you’ve visited the Sofilm site before and see it’s different now, you’re right. This site has been rebuilt from his death.

We found the domain and bought it. As it turns out, this domain has a story of its own. Was once a magazine about films.

Here’s my dog. I love him so much!

There is some content that gets links from various sites. We consider it important, because it becomes a reference. So we decided to repost. And took it from the archive site.

Okay.. you are now on this page. As a brief introduction, this site is managed and maintained by Garuda News Network. We are based in South Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are open to all kinds of cooperation offers. Specifically related to our capacity as a news site.

So, don’t hesitate. Contact us via the contact page.