What Can You Do With A Degree In Hospitality Management?

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Not everybody has what it takes to work in the hospitality industry, but if you earn your degree in hospitality from a school like the University of Michigan, then you can fast-track your way to some of the more senior positions. Working in hospitality has a lot of perks, so although it is very hard work, for a lot of people it is well worth it.

Here is what you can do with a degree in hospitality management.

Become a Customer Service Manager

Let’s face it, not that many people want to work in customer service, but it’s a profession that needs to exist. Every enterprise needs to have a department that is responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of their customers, and some people just aren’t extremely patient or understanding when they are dissatisfied with a product. That said, as manager of any customer service department, you won’t be speaking to dissatisfied customers until they’ve let off most of their steam with one of your inferiors. From there, it will be up to you to decide exactly what can be done to rectify the situation, and by this time, most conversations actually do tend to end with a thank you.

Become an Accommodation Manager

There are a lot of different types of establishments where you could work as an accommodation manager. You could work in a hospital, youth hostel, nursing home, hotel, conference center, and many other types of environments. With your hospitality degree you will be hired to make sure that your place of work is held up to cleanliness standards, the financial books are kept balanced, and the staff that you manage is well trained.

Become a Public House Manager

A lot of people don’t know that a public house is a full name for what is more commonly referred to as a pub. As the manager of a pub, you will make sure that your inventory is kept fully stocked, your shifts are fully staffed, your bills and invoices are balanced, and that your venue is clean and fully operational. This may be a lot of responsibility, but it will definitely be more fun than all the other jobs you might have found had you earned Maryville’s cyber security masters degree online.

Become an Event Organizer

If you’ve always been great at throwing parties and events, then you might want to become an event organizer. You will make sure that all of the catering, DJs, hosts, decorations, and performances are perfectly coordinated, and it may also be your job to handle the guest list as well. In some cases, you will need to hire security, just to be sure that everyone is kept safe and is maintaining orderly conduct.

Become a Hotel Manager

Those who love to travel often like to work in hotels. That’s because most hotels are franchises or chains that are scattered throughout the world. So when you’re not working, you will have discounted, or possibly even free lodging in the hotel that you work for. However, as the manager, it will be your job to hire and train staff, ensure the cleanliness and safety of the facilities and schedule everyone for their weekly shifts.

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