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SOFILM #8 is out!


  1. Willem Dafoe.Director Abel Ferrara and the mercurial actor Willem Dafoe have made already three cult films together. Having just wrapped on shooting their fourth movie, a biopic of the infamous Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, they discuss their New-York roots, music, drug dealing, and being anti-Hollywood…


  1. Kelly Reichardt. When she’s not filming some of the most distinctive, radical American indie pictures going, Kelly Reichardt spends a lot of her time on the road. Her latest film, Night Moves, a chilly thriller about a group of militant eco warriors, takes her even farther afield. As we discover, Reichardt is a director who plunges into the unknown.
  2. Michel Hazanavicius & Vincent Maraval.The Oscar winning director ofThe Artist and his producer, Wild Bunch boss Vincent Maraval, discuss what’s wrong with the movie industry, and their optimism when betting on VOD. There’s hope for us yet.
  3. J.J Abrams. We can glean the following from Mission:Impossible 3, Star Trek and the upcoming Star Wars reboot: J.J. Abrams is Hollywood’s most in-demand supernerd. A producer, director and scriptwriter for both TV (Lost, Fringe, Alias) and cinema, J.J. does it all. How is that humanly possible? In search of answers, we meet him in a galaxy far, far away…


  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He was Bruce Lee’s archenemy in Game of Death, had a cameo in Airplane! and can rap about Westerns till the cows come home. Now 66-years-old, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s highest ever points scorer, is much more than a basketball legend.


  1. Angelyne. Her image has lit up more than 35 films. But she herself has been in far fewer. Angelyne, a ‘bimbo’ and a hedonist, is above all famous for being…famous, and for the giant portraits of her that have been adorning Hollywood walls for the last 30 years. Amongst her fans are Steven Spielberg and Warren Beatty.
  2. Van Damme vs. Ceausescu. Romania: a few years before the fall of the Berlin wall. Standing in a basement room, Irina Margareta Nistor worked clandestinely dubbing up to seven Western films every day. Sold throughout the country on the black market, these VHS tapes were a fatal blow to communism. Memories, many years later.


  1. Avi and Ali in a boat. Atheist, anti-Zionist Jewish director Avi Mograbi makes documentaries to express his doubts about Israel’s policies, and the situation of people in the Middle East. We joined Mograbi for a guided tour around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem


  1. John Waters. William Burroughs used to call him the “pope of trash”. 42 years after his debut Pink Flamingos outraged America, John Waters remains a transgressive, countercultural icon.
    Sofilm meets the cult director in his cosy New York flat to discuss Obama, horror movies, gay marriage and being subversive.

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Heli – The Dirties – Nashville – The Golden Dream – Cold in July – Fruitvale Station – Sequence Star: Matt Johnson – Rising Up


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