Sicilian Sun Slot Review | RTP 96.12%

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Are you searching for the Sicilian Sun slot review? It’s possible that the game’s developers were inspired by this game, but looking at the game’s actual images and the African tribal elements that appear in so many of the slot’s symbols, we doubt there’s any relation to Italy. 

Edict does, however, have a visually appealing game on its hands, so there are reasons to adore it right away.

A Brief of Sicilian Sun Slot Review

In terms of gameplay, you’ll find the standard 5×3 reels with 20 active lines. A high payout of 500x the stake is attainable, meaning you may win up to $20,000 every play. The slot’s Colossal Wilds also come in handy when it comes to building winning combos that pay both ways. Similar to the Cleopatra Slot.

1. Wagering Options

The stakes appear to be standard for an Edict / Merkur slot machine. Because there are 20 lines in play, each waiting for its own wager, you choose the amount for each of them, which ranges from $0.20 to $40. This means you’ll spend somewhere between $0.01 and $2 for every one of the 20 lines covered.

Sicilian Sun Slot Review

The prizes available aren’t exactly fantastic, as the best combination you can generate will only pay out 500x, or $1,000. Still, when you consider that you have Colossal Wilds and can use them to help generate numerous wins at the same time, a jackpot of $20,000 doesn’t seem so out of reach.

Another positive aspect of the gambling slot machine is its return to player (RTP). It is set at 96.12%, which implies you have a fair probability of getting a good return from the game, approximately as good as any other slot game.

2. Slot Features

Sicilian Sun will not have a large list of features, and it will be rather straightforward in that regard. There is only one characteristic, and that is the wild.

Before we move on to the substitute, it’s worth noting how the game creates winning combinations, as this makes it a lot easier than other slots. Three or more matching symbols are still required, but they do not have to begin on the leftmost reel. 

They can also touch the rightmost side or be in the center of three locations of a line. Basically, you are rewarded if you have three consecutive symbols on the same line.

Because you can land Colossal Wilds, getting 3 symbols for a combo is even easier. These are two-by-two symbol blocks that can show up on either the first or last two reels. 

Because there will be three symbols adjacent to each other and which can be part of it, any symbol present with them on a line will change into a combination.

3. Design and Story

It’s more about the Sun than Sicily in this game. We don’t see any authentic Sicilian symbols inside, and most of them look African to me. 

Along with idols, drums, and handmade axes, you have a lovely girl as a companion from next to the reels, a wild horse as a top paying symbol, the Sun Wild, and idols, drums, and handmade axes as lower-paying symbols. 

The rest are Royals in the tribal style. The graphics are adequate for a game of this type, but there is nothing genuinely noteworthy about them.


Many people will enjoy playing at Result SGP Sicilian Sun slot review, and its Colossal Wilds make it exceptionally easy to win by making combinations anywhere on the slot’s active lines.

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