Kakegurui Live Action Review: 3 Things Will Surprise You

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Kakegurui live action
Kakegurui live action

If you have watched the anime Kakegurui, now you must watch Kakegurui live action. It is as good as in the anime. The game in Kakegurui is one thing that may be fun or provide a special stimulus when playing it. 

However, what happens if you are the strongest and the hardest for other players to beat?.

Hm, maybe you’re the only champion to play this crazy game? Maybe we rarely see and even make people so crazy like that.

If you are curious, let’s move to the plot and other information about its live action. 

Kakegurui Live Action: Plot

Jabami Yumeko’s important role in the elite school of gambling is becoming increasingly apparent. The ability to beat the student council champions who are famous for their gambling is increasingly visible in front of the screen. 

Increasingly complex abilities, increasingly fierce gambling, until the presence of various kinds of enemies are present. Jabami Yumeko, a mickey, is very scary. 

Apart from the student council rules that require debtors to pay a replacement amount. There’s a group of unofficial Clubs fighting the student council in depth. 

This organization itself is led by a leader who is not a typical player in the game. Moreover, the organization itself aims to declare the role of the student councils who have been blind. 

So it is not surprising that the Student Council is more powerful than the others.

In order to resolve this conflict, finally with a special student council meeting, they tried to destroy this organization in a special game. Indirectly this organization is very depressed. 

On the other hand, the cold and madness of Jabami Yumeko seems to be playing an official match that is very rarely held. What is their next story in winning this Official game?.

Quietly Neutral and Deadly in Kakegurui Live Action

We’ve seen a lot of tricks done by Yumeko in the past. Live Action is full of its own mysteries of this Jabami movement. One thing that is certain from Jabami Yumeko’s movement is the motto that we will always win with Jabami Yumeko. 

Yep, Jabami Yumeko will be hard to beat by various other game players. But this time Yumeko becomes very Neutral as well as deadly in this game. BUT WHY YES?

The beginning of the struggle of the mysterious Organization named Villey trying to hold a war against the student council where they are lowly people who will never play in this game. 

However, this is very sudden the student council movement to hold a game and force all students to follow it. So that the course of a live action changed instantly because of the plot that was carried.

For the characteristics of Jabami Yumeko, it will be much easier to discuss. There are so many things that are very mysterious and at the same time very difficult to understand. 

However, what Yumeko said was very interesting. The greedy nature of him who likes to play clearly gives an unusual surprise in his role in this film. 

Including how his desires are difficult to explain. This is the deepest desire and difficult to understand by people in general.

Full of Surprises

One of the important aspects of this anime is the surprise it gives and something that is very much more unexpected than the rest. 

The surprise given is much cooler, even accompanied by humor, giving the impression that it is not too heavy and very easy to accept. Although the plot itself is quite heavy and some of the plot twists feel too fast.

Yumeko’s attitude has changed greatly. One of the attitudes that looks cold and also changes at the ending even though overall Yumeko is observing the strangeness of Arukibi and everything is really exactly what he expected. 

Something that might rarely be seen from Yumeko’s actual attitude of observing to win. In fact, observing to lose is the very opposite. However, this is extraordinary.How, how? It is a review of Kakegurui live action for your curiosity. Now, you can watch the anime and feel the sensation like watching compulsive gambling close to you.

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