Clash Of Clans A Trending Strategic Online Multiplayer Game

Technology and the internet have transformed the world and has totally changed the perspective towards our notions and beliefs. The gaming industry is at a boom and is proliferating at a tremendous rate. With the advancement of the technology the games are not limited to the desktop PC anymore and now you can play high configuration games on your mobile phones. Nowadays, the games which are entering the market are nothing less than perfect, the gameplay, interface, high defined graphics, audio, and multiplayer interface are just way too perfect.

One of the most popular games which are trending currently is the Clash of Clans. This game is not compatible with desktops but they are available for operating systems such as Android and iOS. Clash of Clans is known as a strategic multiplayer mobile game which was developed by Supercell in the year 2012, this game was first released for the iOS platform in 2012 and then it was also released for the Android users in the year 2013. This game is a fantasy game where the player or user is the chief of a tribe or village and the player has to lead the tribe to victory by competing with other players all around the world. The player has to build his own town by collecting resources by indulging in a war with other clans. The player can also join clans with one another and send their troops to one another. For more information, you can visit site on the internet. There are basically four resources in the game which are known as gold, elixir, jewels and dark elixir. You need to collect the resources to progress further in the game.

The Gameplay of Clash of Clans

The Clash of Clans is one of the best online multiplayer strategy game which favors the strategic and analytical mind. Well, the gameplay of the Clash Of Clans starts with the player as the chief of a village and the player has to build a town by collecting resources by attacking other clans but the game is not limited to attacking only, if you can attack then it is quite reasonable that you would be also attacked, in that case, you need to defend your town by preventing the attacking clan to cause destruction and from looting your resources such as gold and elixir. You need to upgrade your village and troops by using four currencies of this game which are known as gold, jewels, elixir and dark elixir. The attacks are known to be rated on a maximum of three-star scale and the attack will last for a maximum of 3 minutes.

  • Buildings: The player has to store and earn both elixir and gold by building gold storages and gold mines and to store the elixir the player has to build elixir storages and collectors. The elixir is usually used to train and upgrade the troops, the research in the laboratories is also achieved through the use of elixir only. Well, on the other hand, gold is used for the construction of the buildings for defense mechanism and certainly to upgrade many buildings such as the town hall which is further used to gain access to more buildings. The dark elixir is only available at town hall level 7 and which is certainly used for the training and upgrade of the dark troops and heroes only. Then you have to create dark spells to create dark heroes which are available at level 8 only. The hero known as Grand Warden is only created using the dark elixir. And the player has to store and earn the dark elixir for that the player has to build the dark elixir storage and the dark elixir drills. There are numerous buildings for the building a defense which are traps, bombs, wizard towers, teslas and many more.
  • Spells and Troops: The Clash of Clans have two different types of barracks, which are called dark barracks and the other is a barrack. Similarly, there are two types of spell factories which are known as a dark spell factory and a spell factory. Barracks are used for the purpose of generating troops so when the barracks use the elixir, troops are generated and on the other hand, when the barracks use dark elixir they generate dark troops. Well, the same is for the spell factory, which will create a spell using the elixir and on the other hand, a dark factory will create a dark spell using the dark elixir.
  • Clan and Wars: The player has his/her clan and the clan can be certainly expanded by joining hands with other clan members around the globe. A clan is basically a group of individual members who join hands and help each other out by donating troops and by providing advice. The players can join a clan after they have successfully rebuilt the clan castle building. The best feature about the Clash of Clans is that you can face and compete with the other clans in the “clan wars”. Each of the clan is provided with a single day for preparation and one day for clan war. So basically, when a player attacks a member of the other clan, stars are received depending upon the damage done by the player and each player is provided with a maximum of two attacks in a single day. If you are attacking then you can only win if you are successful in destroying 50 percent or more of the opponent’s buildings and if you are defending then you have to prevent the attacking opponent to cause an overall damage of the buildings of 50 percent or more and if the overall damage is less than 50 percent then you will win the war.

Clash of Clans is one of the amazing strategic game which has a rating of 4.5 in the app store with millions of downloads. You can easily install the Clash of Clans for the Android operating system by using the Play Store application and for the iOS operating system, the Clash of Clans can be installed using the App Store application.