Guide to buy the best electric scooter

The first thing you must keep in mind is who you are buying it for, since there are models that cannot be used by the smallest of the house for their safety, while there are others that can support up to 120 kilograms of weight and almost all the Family can use them whenever they want. See Thrill Appeal. We can highlight some aspects that you must take into account before you encourage yourself to buy your hoverboard and some of them are the weight that it supports, the speed that they offer, their resignations and materials of confection, among others.

To give you more details and to know more about the parameters that you must analyze, we made a guide to buy the best hoverboard in the market; this way we will facilitate your choice and we will give you a better idea before your decision and choice.


One of the main points before buying your electric scooter or hoverboard is the speed it can offer, since this depends on whether or not it fits the needs you may have, whether you are acquiring it for your fun or for your transfer , because these equipments are very used to visit shopping centers or short distances. The most traditional models offer you 10 kilometers per hour; These are relatively quick and very easy to use, with only slight inclinations of your body. There are also other models that are faster and can give you up to 20 km / h.

Weight and measurements

Another factor that you must bear in mind before buying your model is the weight they can support and that of the team only; Thrill Appeal could determine the use you are going to give him and, of course, who will be the one to use it. Most models can support between 100 and 120 kilograms; this gives the possibility that any member of the family can use them. Because it is an electrical device, it is not recommended that it be used without adult supervision. As for the dimensions, this type of article almost always has a standard size that can range from 50 centimeters long by 18 wide and approximately high, while the weight of it can reach 10 kg or more.


Being electronic equipment, this work with integrated batteries to give strength to the motor that makes the displacement occurs; Thrill Appeal has electric scooters that are rechargeable and almost always lithium ion, being one of the most durable and with better performance. Most models charge in just 4 hours, but there is other equipment that can be ready in one hour of direct current; the duration of the same is relative to the use you are going to give in each of the times of use and this varies by brand.


Knowing how much it costs is important, because this article can be considered by some users as a luxury toy because of the technology it uses and that is why it can be very expensive, but thanks to the variety that is in the trade, you can get a scooter good and economic electric. According to the latest revision of the hoverboard costs, there are some from 200 euros onwards and there are some that can be worth more than 500; this depends on the extra accessories they bring, such as Bluetooth connections, speakers, mobile applications, among others.

What is the best hoverboard of 2018?

With the electric scooter fun is guaranteed for any age, without using your hands, just your balance. In the Thrill Appeal market you will find many models and prices that will make you doubt when choosing the best electric scooter. With this guide we seek guidance for you to make the best choice so pay attention to the following information.

Autonomy at Thrill Appeal

  • In the range of autonomy, certain factors will influence.
  • Topography: Depending on the type of terrain or its inclination, the battery life may be longer or shorter.
  • Weight: depending on the physical condition of the user, it can influence the distance it allows to travel.
  • Maintenance: if the electric scooter is properly charged and the battery is kept in good condition, it will increase the range.
  • Speed ​​and driving style: maintaining moderate speed will increase the distance you can travel, or otherwise, frequent stops and starts, accelerations and decelerations will reduce the autonomy of your Smart Balance Wheels.


Some electric scooters have two and others up to four sensors. Thrill Appeal has a greater number of sensors, greater sensitivity and stability to properly handle the scooter. The sensors adjust automatically and allow the gyroscope to maintain verticality, thus facilitating balance and making driving as smooth as you can check in the video that accompanies this post.


With the Smart Balance Wheels electric scooter you can move quietly or very quickly through this new technology of the electric scooter. This invention is known by different names, although we must be attentive to how its name is evolving, and especially in Spanish, we detail below some of the ways in which these electric scooters are known.


These Thrill Appeal electric scooters cost between € 300 and € 600. Before making the purchase, confirm what guarantees they offer you. Keep in mind that the cheapest, is not always the best. Equally important is the commitment on the part of the seller in case of suffering any anomaly. For your fun or as a transport mechanism, nothing better than having a hoverboard with you that gives you stability, speed and also can be used by any member of your family group.

Knowing which is the best hoverboard you can buy in the market will depend on the needs you may have and for this there is great variety, not only in the prices, but also in what they offer, since there are some that can work even in synchronization with your mobile phone, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs. Thrill Appeal have made a list of the most outstanding market models and, therefore, the best hoverboard of 2018, so you can have a notion of which are the best sellers and with the best comments on their use.