Specialists in Orthodontics

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Everything you need to get a healthy and beautiful mouth thanks to our specialists in orthodontics, dental implants, aesthetics, and periodontics. Get the best diagnosis with our digital radiographic imaging system at When choosing a dental clinic to perform an orthodontic treatment it is important to know what differentiates a specialized orthodontic clinic from another that is not. 


The comfortable, effective and aesthetic treatment to get the smile you want with personalized transparent aligners that change every 15 days

  • The staff that daily is in the clinic is specialized in orthodontics so that if at any time there is an emergency related to the treatment, it is solved during the day and it is not necessary to make an appointment for the day that the specialist goes to the clinic to have a consultation. Usually, clinics not specialized in orthodontics only have a professional once a week and there are clinics that only once a month, so that emergencies are not well covered.
  • The specialized clinics have all the necessary resources to carry out the corresponding study and thus arrive at an adequate diagnosis without the need for displacement. To carry out an orthodontic study, two radiographs are needed: Radiology-orthodontics-orthopantomography (panoramic) and teleradiography (lateral radiography of the skull).
  • There is also a wide schedule of patient care, since it is a long-term treatment with regular visits, it is necessary for the patient to attend all appointments.
  • Although they are specialized clinics in orthodontics the rest of fields of dentistry are also covered.
  • In these clinics, a multidisciplinary work is carried out, since it is normal that after an orthodontic treatment it is necessary to perform an implant, extraction of wisdom teeth or that before the orthodontic treatment a complete sanitation must be performed.
  • It is important to know that in these specialized clinics.

The orthodontist who follows the treatment from beginning to end is always the same. are specialized in orthodontics, but designed to offer you integral and personalized solutions in your dental treatment without the need for travel. We have professional dentist’s specialists in orthodontics, dental aesthetics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics and dental implants. We are dentists in the care of health and harmony of your mouth. Our philosophy is to offer you a close treatment and a monitoring of the treatment always carried out by the same professional.

Committed to our younger patients we are aware of the need to create an environment in which they feel relaxed and learn the importance of dental care from childhood emphasizing the techniques of brushing and correct feeding as prevention. Through an integrated diagnostic system, we take care of preventing, evaluating and correcting possible alterations, offering various alternatives for their treatment.

Quality experience and rigor differentiate us

Combining the latest technologies with a personalized service, the continuous training, evolution, and adaptation of our professionals, we develop an integral and effective service for the protection and care of your smile.

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